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YouGov poll finds 77% of football fans support gambling sponsorship shirt ban

Updated:2024-03-20 10:43    Views:185

A recent YouGov poll found that out of 1,000 football supporters, 77% supported the ban on gambling sponsorships being displayed on the front of Premier League shirts.

Only 8% of those asked opposed the ban and thought the logos of gambling companies should retain the opportunity to be displayed as front-of-shirt sponsors.

Notably, a majority of the fans also supported a move to extend the ban to pitchside hoardings, the physical barriers that surround the field and create a barrier between the fans and the pitch.

A similar amount of fans, sitting at 57% of those asked, also agreed gambling companies should not have the opportunity to sponsor the naming rights of leagues or football cup competitions.

Despite the recent legislation allowing gambling companies to remain as shirt sleeve sponsors, 42% thought that this should be banned too.

This would ultimately remove any betting companies from being displayed on Premier League shirts altogether.

While 60% of fans saw cryptocurrency firms as inappropriate sponsors for football teams,Online Casino Games for Real Money 77% thought the same of gambling companies.

Only 19% of those asked considered gambling companies to be appropriate for sponsoring the sport.

However, 70% found banks and financial services to be agreeable sponsors, and 39% agreed with alcohol companies being allowed to sponsor teams.

In the recent vote, 18 out of the 20 current Premier League teams voted in favour of the ban, with the further two abstaining.

Eight clubs have deals with gambling companies that include a front-of-shirt sponsorship.

Watch out for the next episode of the GI Huddle, which will soon feature an episode dedicated to gambling sponsorship.

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